Pan Salt

This product was first developed in Finland by Prof Heikki Karppanen, a well-published researcher of hypertension. The use of Pan salt is common in Finland, with a popular fast food chain advertising its use as a healthier alternative.

The formula employs two-prong approach to help better control blood pressure. The actual salt(sodium) content in only 57% that of normal salt. Studies have shown that by reducing sodium, better BP control can be achieved.

Secondly, the use of mineral salts such as potassium and magnesium, both of which have been shown to reduce blood pressure, potentiates its blood pressure lowering effect.

The best part is that the formula has been specially formulated to provide the same tast as that of normal salt. Some other formulas may taste bitter as both potassium and magnesium, naturally are bitter.


There are two kinds of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Most fiber products available in the market are of the soluble kind. Unifiber, however, is an insoluble fiber product.

Fibers are not digested, but soluble fibers can be fermented by the bacteria in the gut, leading to formation of gas which manifest as bloating and wind.

Soluble fibers are also more likely to adsorb medications. This can compromise absorption of the medication.

Unifiber, being insoluble, is less likely to cause wind and interact with medications.


Supplemented with Vitamin D, Calcitmax is a citrate version of calcium. Calcium citrate absorption rate is higher than the common variants such as lactate, gluconate, etc.

The main function of calcium is for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, while vitamin D is essential for the proper processing of calcium in the body, eg absorption, assimilation, etc.

Bon One

Bon One is an activated form of Vitamin D. The vitamin has to undergo two processing stages at the liver and kidney before it can function. Bon One can be activated by just the processing at the liver.

Bon One is available at three strengths, 0.25 mcg, 0.5 mcg and 1 mcg. Usually the higher doses are used for kidney failure patients.