Okamoto Industries Inc, established in 1934 has earned an international reputation as a leading manufacturer of quality rubber and plastic consumer products.

In Malaysia, Somedico represents a range of condom products. These include

  • 003 range (Platinum, Real Fit, Aloe)
  • Crown
  • Sensation
  • Orchid
  • Dot De Hot
  • Dot De Cool
  • Roman
  • Harmony
  • Beyond 7 Plus
  • French Kiss

The 003 range is the thinnest condom marketed in Malaysia.

Shown here are the Platinum and Real Fit variants.

Beyond Seven Plus is enhanced with spermicide

Some variants avalaible in the market for many years

Flavored and dotted variants


http://www.okamotousa.com/ (English version)

http://www.okamoto-inc.jp/ (Parent Company : Japanese only)

http://www.okamotocondoms.com.my/ (Malaysian Site)