Somedico`s Former Partners

SHS, later Nutricia, Numico and Danone Dumex

Somedico started representing some products of Somedico via a Singaporean partner for SHS range of clinical nutrition. SHS was subsequently acquired by Nutricia, which later became Numico with and further on Danone Dumex.

At the most intense phase of Somedico's partnership, clinical nutrition for allergy, ketogenic diet, metabolic disorders, fortified nutrition and low protein diets were among the products represented.


Somedico represented the Betadine brand of povidone iodine for several year until Mundipharma decided to represent the brand directly in the late 2000`s


Hamilton was a dermatological manufacturer in Australia, whcih was subsequently bought over by Valeant.

Somedico represented Hamilton in the late 2000`s up to 2012, when with the acquisition of Inova by Valeant, Inova decided to represent the brand locally via its Malaysian subsidiary.

Ego Pharmaceuticals

Somedico represented Ego Pharmaceuticals of Australia in Malaysia for almost 30 years until 2008 prior to their decision to incorporate the company locally.

The range of products from Ego Pharmaceuticals were mainly in dermatological fields